Ollie Burnett

A valued member of the Wettie team, he is head of packing and is able to assist with the manufacturing process right through to sales. He is an avid Spearfisherman and with good knowledge.

Gear Information

This page has informative videos to help you select the right gear and to fit it properly.

General Gear Fitting


Fins & Flippers


Floats & Float Lines





Catch Bags



Wetsuit Alterations and Repairs

We are able to do almost any repair to wetsuits. From a small nick, to big tears and replacing zips. We have many different neoprenes at our desposal to give your wetsuit new life. Regardless of the brand we can fix it.

When it comes to alterations, your options are limitless, we can change the style of your suit (eg. steamer into a long john, spring or vise versa.) Adding zips into ankles, wrists, neck, back, front, fly zips etc, are easy and possible in most suits. Adding zips may help with comfort of getting in and out of your suit. We can add knife pockets onto legs and arms for a streamline place to store your knife when diving or snorkelling. It is possible for us to add a scupper to any brand of suit. If your suit is not quite fitting you well enough, we have the ability to nip, tuck or add neoprene to the suit to make it fit like a custom made suit for better comfort and warmth.

Custom making is not limited to just wetsuits, if you have an idea with the use of neoprene or other materials theres a good chance we can do it. Whether it be a costume, cover, for support, for warmth we will try our best to help out. If you struggle to find a suit to fit you properly, custom making may be a good option to allow you to be in and around the water comfortable and warm. You can choose the style, any add on and tweeks that you would like on your suit

For further information contact our alterations manager:

E[email protected]
Ph: 09 479 4232

CLICK HERE to download our repair return form
Please dry your wetsuit before sending it into us. We do not accept or repair wet wetsuits

Measurement Diagram

Soaping Instructions

Our suits MUST be SOAPED UP when put on. Squirt the inside of the suit with soapy water (shampoo/conditioner/dish washing liquid) shake it up, then slide it on. If it doesn’t go on easily, keep squirting soapy water on till it does. If done correctly, it is easier than any other suit with zips to put on.

How do I get my wettie on?

Jeremy Viall

He has been in the spearfishing industry now for 17 years so offers a wealth of knowledge not only on spearfishing equipment, but also on spearfishing locations & is a skilled spearo himself. Over the years he’s shot nearly every species in the country & offers training and advice on how to do so.

Jeremy runs breath hold courses & takes spearfishing trips weekly for beginners right up to the more experienced. (You can join him on his Facebook page ‘Learn to Spearfish‘)

He gets a real thrill out of seeing new divers achieve their goals on his courses.