C4 200 Firestone Carbon fins


$899.00 NZD

$899.00 NZD

Fins S-990 Firestone

Fins specific for spearfishing, multipurpose and highly adaptable to different uses. The blades feature a  dovetail tip and are featured in three different hardnesses: 25 (soft), 30 (medium) and 40 (hard). The surface finish is carbon fiber with a red decoration. The blades are paired with shoes with a black upper and a red sole. The water rails are red.

Blade Dimension:
Fin size 42/43 890 x 192 mm
Blade Material: Carbonio HT15 – Carbon look
Blade hardness:
Water Rails Color: Black / Red
Water Rails Progressive geometry. Overmoulded on the blades.
Footpocket 200
Sole colors: Red
European sizes:
Us/Canada sizes:
Upper Material: Thermoplastic material
Upper Hardness MEDIUM 74 ShA: 41/42 – 42/43 – 43/44 – 44/45, SOFT 65 ShA: 36/37 – 38/39 – 40/41
Sole Material: Made in PP
Sole Hardness: Flexural Modulus 1250MPa
Biomechanics and Hardness 3 positions: SOFT, MEDIUM and HARD
Footpocket Preformed Angle:
Compatible with:

200 Gram pockets

Complete fins including pockets

Medium stiffness


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