Wettie ‘Ultimate Camo’ Package (Women’s) Australia

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Our most popular full spearfishing package with all of the good stuff. Our ‘Ultimate’ package is a step up from the ‘Reef’ offering more choice and superior equipment. Kit yourself out with good gear to start with, to enjoy your spearfishing experience without worrying about unreliable, uncomfortable, inferior equipment.


Wettie 5mm Ocean Armour Women’s Wetsuit – Designed by women divers for women divers. Super stretch nylon, wrist & ankle seals, built in hood, ergonomic cut for a superior fit, built in knife pouch on the right thigh & knee pads.

Wettie Sniper Mask in camo colours. Double silicon seal, low volume and tempered glass. This is a very popular mask and a good fit for women’s faces

Wettie Sniper Snorkel in camo colours. Comes with a snorkel keeper to attach to your mask

Wettie Spearo Gloves in different camo colours. Soft 2mm neoprene with amara palm suitable for fish handling as well as the odd crayfish catching & shellfish collection

Wettie 3mm Neoprene Booties. Powertex sole for better wearing, keep your feet warm and cushioned in your fins

Wettie Ultimate Freediving fins. Comfortable foot pocket, and medium stiffness blade for max power but easy on the legs. Interchangeable blade means you can remove it & upgrade to different blades

Rubber weight belt. Rubber belts grip your weights so they don’t slide around + have a little stretch to allow you to breath with ease

Wettie ‘Speara’ Speargun. High quality rail speargun with double rubber set up & camo fish measuring sticker. Designed by women for women & made in New Zealand. Nice, light & easy to manoeuvre as well as easy to load but still plenty of power.

Wettie Flood Float & Float Line. Float available in lots of different high vis colours, includes a dive flag. Floating line with swivel & fish threader in various lengths. We recommend choosing a length 5m longer than you can dive, EG 10m divers choose 15m line.

Wettie Diver Gear Bag. Heavy duty bag big enough to easily fit your entire kit (minus your speargun & weight belt which should be carried separately)

Dive knife. Basic, effective iki knife perfect size to keep in your wetsuit knife pouch


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