Pathos ‘Laser’ Open Speargun


From: $309.00 NZD

From: $309.00 NZD

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The Laser Open is equipped with ergonomic grip ‘D’angelo 2’ When you first grip the handle have the idea of the accuracy and sense of mastery that the weapon has to offer.

It’s a gun for the most ‘demanding, with grilleto mechanism and all stainless steel finished to the highest quality. Moulded grip sold separately.

Designed for spearfishing experts, the gun comes standard with a 6.5-mm hardened stainless spear, 18mm loop rubbers, which makes the shot fast and powerful. The head is Open for circular bands.

The aluminum barrel is 26 to 28.5mm thick with integrated shaft guide from handle to muzzle.

The barrel is completed with a special treatment that makes it rigid and rough to the touch, like a shark’s skin, to reduce turbulence and facilitate panning through the water.