Debono Roller Series


$1,499.00 NZD

$1,499.00 NZD

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Wanting a shorter gun but don’t want to sacrifice power? Look no further. The Debono Roller offers a sleek, low profile with a pull length comparable to a 130cm gun. With two power settings, this gun is well suited for easily taking Kingfish, yet can be detuned for hunting around the rocks.
This beautiful speargun boasts a shallow profile making for extremely smooth tracking with an hour glass shape to reduce overall bulk. With an oiled finish, the user can easily restore this gun to brand new condition in no time even after many years of use. This roller gun has very low recoil and exceptional power for its size making it a great allrounder for New Zealand conditions.
This gun is handmade locally and uses literally the best components available in the industry. With outstanding performance and usability coupled with a perfect balance at any depth, the Debono Roller really is a premier product and life long investment.


  1. Shaped Rubberised grip for comfort.
  2. Debono ERMES Roller mechanism for extremely low friction release.
  3. Wettie Hardened Stainless shaft with recessed mini shark fins.
  4. 16mm Rubber with integrated load assist loop. (Choice of 2x 16mm or 2x 14mm)
  5. Silicone Gun Bungee.
  6. Stainless line Anchor.
  7. Stainless line guide and pin.
  8. Recessed graphite track.
  9. Balance and Weighted.
  10. Carbon fiber reinforcement
  11. Oiled.
  12. Rubber loading butt.
  13. 180kg Monofilament shooting line
  14. Two rollers with ceramic bearings
    Additional features include an ambidextrous monolithic wooden handle, carved risers and an Ermes reel. Please get in touch to discuss optional extras.