Wettie Viper X Speargun


From: $279.00 NZD

From: $279.00 NZD

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Wettie’s latest Speargun. Designed, made and used by New Zealand Spearfishermen! The newest adaption to our Viper speargun range, the Viper X is the best yet. The new features include the best muzzle on the market, refined set up and more! Perfect set up for spearfishing through NZ waters and abroad.


  • Viper Muzzle, low profile, band elevators, stainless anchor point, Nylon glass reinforces. MADE IN NZ
  • Integrated rail anodised Aluminium tube high strength . MADE IN NZ
  • Harden sprung steel shaft
  • Choice of rubber set up. 16mm, twin 14mm, 18mm
  • Viper nylon glass reinforce handle. Side line release, short balanced trigger release for optimum shooting.
  • Gun bungee (Dyneema core)
  • Strung up with 180kg black monofilament

Full description and note from our workshop manager:
The Viper X guns are all made in-house from scratch, and a huge amount of care is taken with each and every step of the process to ensure a precise assembly at the end. Experience has shown that human error can creep in when faced with the monotony of pumping out large volumes of goods, and as such I prefer to prepare the different components needed to build the guns in small batches, and then store them for use in the assembly later on as needed.
Our handles, which have a really well balanced mech, are sourced in Portugal, our hardened-sprung steel spear shafts from South Africa, and our in-house designed muzzles made here in New Zealand.
We have three different barrels on offer. Our New Zealand made aluminium rail-barrel arrives in 5.5m lengths and can be cut to any desired length, and two carbon rail-barrel options which normally arrive in 1.3m lengths and are then cut down as needed. Once they’ve been cut to length the edges are dressed and the barrels bunged. The main difference between the two carbon barrels is that our NZ made carbon barrel is a fair bit lighter. The subtler differences like a slightly different barrel shape and surface finish etc, are purely aesthetic in my opinion. Both are extremely strong, and along with the aluminium barrel, offers the Spearo a well-rounded choice of speargun.
We’ve made use of new technology in a number of ways when it comes to our gun manufacture, using CAD software and 3D printing a number of jigs in order to streamline the component preparation.
The first was jig created to fit around the loading butt and grip of the loose speargun handle. This allows me to mount the handle into a drilling machine and then turn it into a cutting tool, which brings the insert section of the handle down to the correct size to fit the inner diameter of whichever barrel we use. The result is a firm fit of the handle into the barrel, and eliminates the need to ever having to ‘pack’ the insert section, to prevent any unwanted movement.
A few flexible/soft jigs have also been printed to fit over the ends of the dressed barrel. This allows for repeated accuracy when drilling the screw-holes for the muzzle and handle, and gives the spearguns an overall uniformity.
Lastly the muzzle. It took over year from my first design, to the final 3d printed prototype fully function tested by Jackson at Wettie, before we all agreed upon a final result. The idea was to create an aesthetically pleasing muzzle which blended well onto the barrel, while improving the functionality and eliminating past issues raised with our own and other brands.
The aperture of the muzzle was increased slightly to prevent the top blowing out as sometimes happens when using shafts with shark-fin tabs, or making it easier to use a larger diameter shaft. While doing this we added band elevators for a straighter pull on the rubbers and at the same time create an overall narrower profile with the rubbers loaded to help with tracking both vertically and horizontally. The band holes were created offset to prevent any unwanted flex and has improved upon the overall strength of the muzzle.
The last function we improved upon was to use a stainless pin as the shooting line anchor point. Other than strength, it’s not too much of a benefit when using a standard gun/float line setup, but when shooting bigger fish while using a reel it comes into its own. I’m sure many of you have experienced the reel line burning through the nylon casing that your line runs through as the fish takes off. Well this completely eliminates the issue without the need to try and fit stainless rings or shackles, and I’m not sure how many other muzzles out there have this feature.
All in all, and once assembled, we have an extremely fine looking and functional speargun competitive with any other brand out there and strong enough to handle conditions anywhere in the world.
  • Andrew, Wettie Workshop
Made in New Zealand: All barrels & muzzles used on Wettie spearguns are manufactured in New Zealand. All other parts used on our spearguns are sourced from New Zealand and off shore companies as raw materials where they are made up, & the speargun is assembled piece by piece on site in the Wettie store. 

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