Wettie ‘Elite’ Alloy Rail Speargun


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The WETTIE ELITE Speargun with reverse mech.


– Magnum Reverse Mechanism: with stainless line release and full stainless mechanism, for smooth shaft release.
– Wettie High rail alloy Barrel
– 18mm Rubber Loop
– Wettie Harden sprung steel shaft
– 3 option muzzle

The latest addition to the WETTIE Speargun range. The new magnum handle has a bullet proof, full stainless mech with stainless line release and trigger. Smooth engaing and release of shaft for an easy loading and accurate gun. It has a side line release, making a reel setup easy fool proof and easy to set up. The handle has an interchangable butt for preference. The ELITE guns are set up with WETTIE harden sprung steel shafts with a longer than standard length shaft as with the reverse mech the shaft sits further down the handle. This allows for more band stretch and and the ability to have a bigger shaft in a smaller gun, while still having it well balanced. Having the bigger shaft provides more hitting power and more range on a smaller gun, perfect for King fish, big snapper, Big blue moki and usual specimens.