Wettie ‘Viper’ Carbon Speargun


$429.00 NZD

$429.00 NZD

or 6 weekly interest free payments of $71.50 NZD with

Something that we have been working on for a while and tested extensively – More recently in Hawaii at the Interpacific Champs as well as in NZ conditions.
We have come up with a lightweight, inexpensive carbon fibre gun pulling together the best parts from all over the world.

This gun features an extremely light carbon fibre/spira flex RAIL barrel.

  • A Wettie VIPER handle -The handle features ergonomic and mechanically innovative characteristics. The triggering mechanism is highly sensitive and extremely resistant to the traction of the slings. When grabbing the handle, the position of the hand is high in relation to the shaft, allowing quick aiming and great absorption of recoil.
  • The line release is positioned on the side, allowing it to be used also with a reel.
  • Wettie 3 optionmuzzle with loop rubbers – A choice of single or double rubbers. (first rubberincluded, 2nd rubber $20)
  • The rubbers on this gun are especially made here at Wettie Spearfishing to match the length of the gun so you are getting the appropriate power.
  • The wishbone features Wettie inserts making it that much easier for you to replace your wishbone and uses HEAVY DUTY Wettie dyneema – longer & stronger wearing.
  • A Wettie hardened sprung steel shaft. These are the STRONGEST on the market.

Standard set up: A hardened sprung steel shaft or you can swap it for a stainless shaft
All of our Wettie CARBON guns are made HERE at Wettie Spearfishing, put together with care to ensure it is of the very BEST quality. They come in a standard set up but we can custom make it to suit your needs – No problem!

Why pay $500, $600 or even $700 elsewhere?
UNBEATABLE PRICE! – Any length, same price!