3mm Elite Wetsuit (No Latex)

$289.00 NZD

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The Elite wetsuit is the step up from the Ocean Armour in the Wettie range, it features an improved cut and design combining a dual colour suit to break your pattern up underwater, to make you less distinguishable to fish. The sophisticated cut provides a superior fit cutting down on voids in the wetsuit where water can sit. The Elite also has the added feature of an extra knife pouch on the arm (as well as the standard pocket on the leg)

Available in Ghost camo only

NOTE: This version of the Elite suit DOES NOT have latex painted on the seams – Limited edition version of this suit (slightly increasing the flexibility)


-Attached hood
-Loading pad
-Knee pads
-Elbow pads
-Right leg Knife pouch
-Left arm Knife pouch
-dual colour
-Double clip system for comfort
-Anatomical cut

What’s the difference between our wetsuit models?

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