Wettie Speara Towel Poncho


$59.00 NZD

$59.00 NZD

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Wettie Pink SPEARA towel ponchos made from super soft, super warm, thick 100% cotton
Long t shirt sleeves, hood & kangaroo pouch to keep your hands warm

Available in 5 sizes, note we have created these to be ‘oversized’ so it’s nice and easy to get dressed underneath them or wear them over top of your wetsuit so we suggest being generous with the sizing.


XS suitable for small kids    50cm x 80cm
S suitable for average kids      55cm x 90cm
M suitable for teenagers/small adults       60cm x 90cm
 suitable for average adult size      70cm x 110cm
XL suitable for 100kg +.      85cm x 120cm

Wash before use, and wash separately to avoid colours mixing


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