Wettie ‘Spearo’ Freedive Fins


$169.00 NZD

$169.00 NZD

or 6 interest-free payments of $28.16 NZD with Laybuy

At Wettie we are constantly trying to find GOOD new product, things that will fit certain areas in the market. What we found lacking was a well priced fin with a comfortable foot pocket and a removable blade under $200. The fin also had to have maximum thrust for-minimal effort and also be easy on the legs at the same time.

Quality is also Wettie’s top priority, the Wettie Spearo fin ticked all the boxes.

This is a very good well balanced all round fin for the novice right through to an experienced spearo.

Blades are removable and interchangeable with our mini spearo blades (good for pool swimming & scuba) These pockets are also a good fit with the majority of the top brands of composite and carbon blades

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