Wettie Flood Float & Flag


$109.00 NZD

$109.00 NZD

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Brand new design, the Wettie Flood Float

A year in the making, we wanted to come up with a float design that had two main points that we feel some designs lack. #1, eliminate heavy lead to hold it up right & #2 good visibility from a safety point of view

This float has a separate chamber on the bottom which fills with water & holds itself upright. You simply push the bottom of the float under water for 10 seconds and away it goes.It also sits very high in the water meaning it is easier to spot. The Flood float also features a easy flag attachment system so you can securely screw your flag in place then remove it to store in your dive bag.

Comes with a flag & clip on the front to attach your catch bag and float line


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