Wettie ‘Commercial’ 3mm Gloves


$65.00 NZD

$65.00 NZD

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Wettie Commercial Gloves

We are always doing our best to further develop our unique products with knowledge and experience from both the Wettie Team and our fantastic customer base. This is the new instalment in our Commercial grade gloves. We have added some key features for both safety and to attempt to prolong the gloves life even longer without sacrificing flexibility. See features below:

  • Orange locator prints on under hand and top of hand
  • Added latex over thumb and index finger on high wear areas. The latex works as a scape goat to protect the material underneath, while allowing movement.
  • Latex on all seams to protect stitching.
  • Kevlar in all wearing areas apart from knuckles to ensure good flexibility.
  • Extended wrist for comfort and remove the need for strap.
  • Sophisticated shaped cut to provide a comfortable glove.
  • Prolonged periods of exposure to heat, sun and contact with petrol is not recommended & may effect integrity of the gloves
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