Picasso Tiger Knife

$69.00 NZD

The Picasso Tiger knife uses a deceivingly minimalistic appearance, yet boasts an array of practical features. The knife uses magnets to secure itself within the sheath, strong enough to hold the knife securely whilst you dive whilst making for easy removal of the blade when it is needed in a fast and silent fashion.

The full stainless steel design means that nothing about this knife is going to wear out over time when cared for correctly. The stainless-steel handle has an ergonomic contouring for a comfortable grip, and includes a shaft extractor, shaft straightener with diameter gauges. As well as this, the double-edged blade has one serrated side and straight side, a dagger style tip and a line cutter making it capable of handling any diving situation. An eyelet for line or lanyard attachment is also included on the handle to secure the knife whilst you dive.

Shaft extractor
Spear straightener
Spear diameter gauge
Line cutter
Stainless steel blade
One partially serrated edge
One full straight edge
Dagger style tip
Ergonomic steel handle
Eyelet for line or lanyard attachment

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