Wettie Carbon Rail Barrels


From: $270.00 NZD

From: $270.00 NZD

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Produced in New Zealand, the Wettie speargun carbon barrel is moulded in a single uniform section. The core of our Wettie barrel is made from longitudinal, tightly packed, high strength uni-directional carbon fibres. It has one of the highest resin-to-fibre ratios of any barrel on the market making it a stiffer and stronger barrel for its profile and weight.

The core longitudinal fibres, which provide our Wettie barrel with its strength & stiffness, are supported by several layers of off-axis fibre to enhance hoop strength, giving the barrel resistance to splitting, minimizing fibre buckling & helping to reduce cross sectional deformation caused by the high compressive loads that the barrel will undergo during use.

The outer skin of the Wettie barrel utilizes the finest 1K twill weave carbon fabric available. This outer layer helps protect the Wettie barrel from impact & keeps the key inner core fibres safer from nicks & abrasion, while keeping additional weight & bulk to a minimum

The Wettie barrel is finished in an industry leading ‘satin finish’. The finish is imprinted into the outer skin of the barrel during the laminate curing cycle. The ‘baked in’ satin finish reduces water surface tension. Combined with the low cross sectional profile, the Wettie barrel moves quicker and smoother through the water, with less force. Improving targeting & response.

26mm internal fitting