Wettie Viper Muzzle


$45.00 NZD

$45.00 NZD

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Wettie’s newest design is our Viper speargun muzzle! We have been designing and testing over the past year to get this right. Finally we have come up with a final product, design and made in New Zealand. This muzzle is designed for practicality, strength, longevity and great accuracy.


  • Fits 26mm inner diameter tube.
  • Angled ridges on male fitting to ensure a strong snug fit.
  • Stainless anchor point for longevity and strength. Ideally for running a reel line through.
  • Band elevators to bring rubbers into tube profile. Allowing for smooth tracking and improved accuracy.
  • Railed spear and line guide to keep shooting line tidy and out of the way of shaft.
  • Angled eyelet to create low profile for easy aim and great accuracy.
  • Heightened eyelet to allow for mini fin shafts to pass through.
  • Nylon, glass reinforced construction for strength and shock resistance.
  • Dual rubber capabilities.
  • Double wrap capability.
  • Rubber capability snug fit with 14mm, 16mm, 18mm