Pathos Horizontal Reel


$99.00 NZD

From: $89.00 NZD

If you’re looking for a compact low profile reel, the Pathos Horizontal is the perfect choice.

It is made from high strength glass-filled nylon with quality stainless steel fittings.
Reel sits horizontally on the barrel.
The spool is enclosed in a vented see-through cage to contain the line in the event of free-spool, minimising the possibility of tangles.
There is a large easy grip brake nut on one side and on the other, a low profile handle no higher than the brake nut.
There is a front line roller to guide the line.
Great simple lightweight quality reel, doesn’t upset the balance of the speargun.
50 size holds 50m of 2mm line 40, 40m of 2mm line, or more of thinner line.

Able to be used with all Pathos spearguns with Pathos reel mounts.
Compact low profile reel Reinforced nylon & stainless steel Sits horizontally on the barrel Low profile handle Braking system

NOTE: Line is extra


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