Wettie ‘Reef Pro’ LIMITED Alloy Speargun

From: $279.00 NZD

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Designed, tested and manufactured here in New Zealand. The Reef Pro gun is unique and the perfect set up for the type of diving we encounter here in New Zealand and abroad. An exciting new addition to our NZ made Speargun range!!

This is our standard Reef Pro speargun, but the Limited version is fully customisable with various different coloured components available and custom built for you!


  • Wettie Reef Pro Handle, your choice of colour
  • Wettie Anodised aluminium barrel with integrated rail
  • Wettie Viper muzzle, your choice of colour.
  • 1 x 16mm OR Twin 14mm Rubbers with replaceable external inserts, 300kg dyneema wishbone
  • Wettie Harden steel shaft
  • Your choice of Wettie fish measure camo stickers
  • Silicone gun bungee.
  • Shark clip attachment on handle.
  • Monofilament shooting line with 180kg breaking strain.