Wettie “Teak” Spearguns


From: $985.00 NZD

From: $985.00 NZD

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Wettie “Teak” Speargun range is designed and hand crafted here in NZ. In a collaboration with Debono Spearguns we have designed and test a speargun we believe is not only beautifully finished and aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely well balanced with precision shooting. The build is low profile with lines to ensure smooth manoeuvrability and tracking through the water, without sacrificing strength. These guns are perfect for all types of spearfishing here in NZ and abroad, balanced enough to shoot small reef fish in the shallows, to tackling big kingfish or gamefish in open water.

Features Below:

  • Hand picked  Burmese Teak, laminated for long lasting strength and quality.
  • Shaped Rubberised grip for comfort.
  • Debono ERMES Roller mechanism for extremely low friction release. Best on the market.
  • Wettie Hardened Stainless shaft with recessed mini shark fins.
  • Twin 14mm Rubber with external Inserts. (Choice of 2x 16mm or 2x 14mm)
  • Silicone Gun Bungee.
  • Stainless line Anchor.
  • Stainless line guide and pin.
  • Recessed track.
  • Balance and Weighted.
  • Oiled.
  • Rubber loading butt.
  • 180kg Monofilament shooting line.