Wettie Smoothy Jacket


From: $279.00 NZD

From: $279.00 NZD

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WARNING!!! Please read the full description before purchasing a smoothy jacket, not recommended for new spearfishermen or divers who haven’t worn one before.

The pinnacle in comfort and warmth is a smooth skin jacket. Due to there being no nylon layer on the outside or inside the suit does not absorb or hold any water. Wind chill has no effect as the water blows straight off the suit resulting in the outside of the suit staying dry. Smooth skin is fast through the water allowing for less water resistance from fast swimming and deep diving. Flexibility and comfort improves as there is very little restriction on the suits movement. The suit is just glued together so there is no stitching.

While they are incredible to wear, it must be taken into consideration that they are VERY delicate and can be torn VERY easily with mis-use. They do not have the nylon on the outside to give extra strength so extreme care must be taken when putting on and taking off. It’s a great option for keeping the chill out in the winter. 
This jacket is covered under a 1 year wetsuit warranty for manufacturing faults but ripping this jacket will not be covered under warranty under any circumstances. This also includes any damage done to the jacket when trying on, will not be covered under warranty so please take care.  Must be soaped liberally inside AND outside when putting on or taking off

Please watch the following Youtube clip which explains the material used to make this wetsuit. By purchasing this suit, you confirm you have watched this warning. CLICK HERE


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