Commando Spearfishing Vest & Wetsuit Combo

$309.00 NZD

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Very versatile combo which includes both our Commando vest & steamer wetsuit. Perfect combo to wear when spearfishing, and each item can also be worn on it’s own for a variety of water sports. The steamer for snorkelling or surfing & the vest for snorkelling or a bit of added warmth when doing other water sports.

3mm Yamamoto neoprene, super stretch lined nylon vest. (does not require soaping) This can be worn over any wetsuit for added warm and to convert for spearfishing

The attached hood features a smooth skin seal + a double clip beaver tail to keep the vest in place.

There is a loading pad on the chest for spearfishing/loading your speargun

We recommend going with your normal t shirt sizing if you are wearing it on it’s own or over anything up to a 3mm 1 piece steamer. For 3mm 2 piece suits and thicker, we recommending going up 1 size

Also includes the 5/4mm Commando steamer wetsuit. Also in super stretch nylon with 5mm body & 4mm arms for maximum flex. Nylon lined & knife pouch included on the leg